Blogging? Why the Hell am I doing it?

The Pink Pony

The Pink Pony

Well my names Charles and there are a few things you should know about me.

To start, I am part caveman. Figuratively of course not literally … although some may argue the latter. Besides my ability to use a computer, Facebook and play video games I know almost nothing about this alien world of technology. Yes I have heard terms like ROM, Hard drive, coding, programming and all that other computer savvy lingo. But I have also heard the words Triceratops, Napoleon, and this thing called the wheel.  Just because I have heard about them does not mean I understand them. Ok I’m being over-eccentric, I know quite a bit about Napoleon and the Triceratops. Anyway now that the introduction of my crappy computer skills are out of the way lets get to the meat and bones of why I’m blogging.

As I have already stated I am a caveman, and as a caveman we like to travel and walk around the globe. It was hard headed fools like us that walked from Asia to settle in crappy places like Alaska. No offense to people that live in alaska, I heard it is beautiful but i’ll be damed too ever live in a place where my balls can literally freeze off. Which is why unlike my ancestors I am traveling to warm climate places. I have already traveled around the United States, since it is my home country I thought it appropriate to start there. After a few months of random jobs and bumming around here and there I have moved across the globe too South East Asia.

My apologizes Im going off tangent, I seem too do that from time to time. Back to the point, I am blogging about my travels and experiences around the globe. Pictures will be posted to supplement the articles I post.  More importantly I will write down my thoughts within this blog. It will be a place for me to vent and allow people to either agree or disagree with me. I love conversation be it for or against my own opinions. So if you like what I post or really hate it let me know and we can talk about it.

My final goal with this blog is to evolve from caveman to 21st century social media wiz kid. I see this blog similar to using rare candy or a moon stone to help evolve my skills in the quickest way possible. So if you have or know a blog thats awesome let me know. Also any blog suggestions about social media, technology and learning stuff about this alien world would help me out a ton.

Thanks a bunch and be prepared for some misspleed wordz, grammar incorrect, dark humor, sarcasm and a wacky ride around my mind

Charles Herman Ward IV

The Madziontist