by chwardiv

Three years. It has been about three years since I touched this blog, hell I even forgot about it. In the time that I have been absent from this blog my life has changed in a multitude of ways. Yet reading what I wrote three years ago has woken me up.

The past 7 months, have not been kind to me. Let me rephrase that, I have not been kind to myself. To blame anyone other than myself is foolish. The stress, depression and feelings of emptiness has been caused by none other than me. Why was I even doing this to myself? To blame reverse culture shock would be the easy way out and I refused to do so.

Until the start of May I wasn’t able to shake it off. (T-swift lets go!)

Reflecting on this blog reminds me of the beliefs I hold dear and why I originally did what I did. Certain aspects of my life have made me afraid, while my own greed has tormented my body and mind. While abroad I was able to just be me. Back in the states half the time I am me the other half I am someone I don’t even know. Either I kill one half, or find the balance between the two. My life struggle at this point in my life is not to find a job, be rich or world domination. But to come to peace with who I am.

Solid song for your enjoyment.