by chwardiv

After traveling through the Philippines (leaving days before the typhoon) and  getting comfortable with my new temporary home in Southern Thailand I was finally ready to blog again.  But a problem occurred, my computer crashed and I felt bummed out. For my readers that don’t know me well, I am not great with computers, so all the thousands of photos, Ideas for this blog and many of my past papers are now forever lost. When it first hit me that my computer crashed and that it may never work again the first thing I thought about was my pictures and papers. As the hours and days added up I realized, “the hells wrong with me”. Through my travels It seems I have grown attached to my computer, it being the only friend that has traveled every inch of the globe with me. My computer in my mind had become a friend that I didn’t want to lose, the memories he kept and allowed me to share with others and eventually myself when I grow old and grey. 

However it shouldn’t be like that and although many times I have talked about “living” and not being attached to things I realized I was attached to something, my computer. Luckily it crashed and helped me realize my delusional attachment. It may sound weird but I have yet again developed and learned something new about myself and the world I live in. Now I will be blogging again, maybe without pictures maybe without the ideas I had previously written, but none the less I will blog again. So to my readers (mostly my future self) be ready for crazy rants, radical and irrational opinions and more.