No Excuses

by chwardiv


After college the majority of people seem to go into some sort of job or career in the hopes of either making money or gaining “experience”. Draining prime years of life doing something you don’t want too, with the illusion that the experience you obtain will lead you to something you like. Yet if you continue to do things you do not enjoy then you will only get better at a job you hate. Day after day getting farther and farther away from what you really want to do. It is true that some people are constrained by loans, family issues, physical problems and so forth. You may even have a combination of all the problems in the world, shut up, fuck your excuses

Fear, is what truly holds people back. Being afraid of living uncomfortably or not having the status, wealth or any other sort of label you want from society. The vast majority of humans have become afraid to fail. To grow people must make mistakes, they must be constantly learning everyday. It is very hard to let go of so much and chase something that requires years of sacrifice. But if you are content with staying the same and living your life as a drone, I respect you. I could never throw away my quest for knowledge, freedoms and happiness