Strength To Swim

by chwardiv




As college students we have been fed this linear path or formula for success. We were told that if we obtained a college degree getting a good job and becoming successful would be easy. This is no longer true, although outliers do exist, obtaining vast amounts of success will only come from a combination of hard work, luck and connections.

People believed that getting a college degree meant they could start at the bottom of the work ladder and could build up. Now people assume that students start 6 feet under that ladder and have to work even harder to reach the first steps…

However in my opinion the ladder analogy is not accurate enough and shouldn’t be applied too the current generation. College graduates are no longer on the linear ladder path; we are not starting near the first step or 6 feet under it. Now we are swimming in an ocean, dropped right in the middle. Today there is no shore in sight; any hope or promising place to begin does not exist for the majority of us and we are swimming in confusion. At best most of us are just trying to stay afloat. We must stop floating and propel ourselves using our own self-determination and refuse the urge to just float. After swimming for so long college graduates think an island should be in sight, however it was all a mirage in the sea.  There is nothing wrong with this; people just need to start accepting the facts. Stop thinking you are entitled to success and work for it. If we stop swimming now we will drown. The only option left is to keep pushing; life is not worth living without a struggle.