by chwardiv



Hi, my name is Charles”

“Hi Charles, my name’s Bill, where are you going today”

As I introduced myself to this old man I felt that he had a strong resembles too a Morgan Freeman like person, old and wise. Little did I know that the conversation we were about to embark on would be so inspiring. Although he did not change my life, Bill like many others around me had reaffirmed my confidence to continue following my own dreams.

“Every building does not just spring up, it is built. The first step is to pick the location to build upon, from that point you can lay down the blueprints. The end result of the building is already foreseen, the size and basic structure already given. However a vast amount of work is needed to complete any particular building. “

This all makes sense to me; obviously it takes a ton of work to build anything. So I just continued listening to see where he was going with this.

“To build your own successful career or enjoyable life a persons path is similar to a building in many ways.”

Oh, I said to myself, this is where he is going, interesting.

“In every facet of life, infrastructure is needed, each step builds upon the last. The stronger the foundation you have built around yourself the more resilient it will be. The intricacies that go into constructing a building apply to life. All the time we are strengthening our building, when we develop new social relationships and by our acquisition of information on a daily basis. It is all complemented by hard work; people just have to be willing to put in the effort. Today people expect to have the foundation and BOOM the rest of the building will spring up on it’s own. But that’s not how it works, and similar to constructing a building. Life has many obstacles and your end results may vary from what you originally designed. The world changes and the building you are creating must adapt.”

In my head I contemplated what he was saying and put it in a much simpler saying, aim for a goal and work your ass off towards it. In the end you can get there it just may not look like what you expected. As he continued talking I began to get lost in my own thoughts. Bill was right, I could understand his foundation/structure theory being similar to building ones career, yet to me it could be more. The foundation that a person creates in my opinion is a way to create your own reality, a world of your own. People are caught up on the infrastructure of the people around them and the one that society attempts to put on us. Yet why? We should all focus on ourselves our own foundation and instead of the world being created around us; we could be the masters of our own world. One can’t fix or benefit the world around them until they can fix themselves.

After awhile Bill stopped talking and parked the car, being lost in my own thoughts I had not noticed I was already home. I told him thank you for the wisdom shook his hand and left the vehicle. As I reflected on our conversation I realized people like Bill exist everywhere we all have the opportunity to meet people that could benefit us everyday. People just need to get off their cell phones, ipods, computers and whatever else we are attached to and go back to good old random conversations. Stop being afraid of the unknown and embrace it. It may surprise you how much a Toyota Shuttle driver may know.