Once Upon a Time- The Journey Begins

by chwardiv



As a 22-year-old the world stares at you in an obscure way. What is the meaning of life, what is my purpose, along with other “life questions” your mind starts to become a deep dark whole. These questions begin to appear more and more constantly attacking your mind. Yet is there a purpose to life or is it a facade we have put upon ourselves? In answering these question one must pull from past experiences and overall upbringing. It is up to individuals to figure out life, for themselves, stop trying to be given the answer, find it and begin your own adventure. Or like so many others you can work behind the modern cage, the cubicle. 

At the moment I am trying to answer this question myself and once completed I can work towards a goal with my heart and soul. These thoughts are not something new for me, I have always thought deeply about what to do but being in school I have pushed them aside. Once the illusion of college begins to fade the noose around your neck, the shackles wrapped upon your limbs, begin to tighten, quicker then ever before, hindering the wings upon your back and dragging you into the deepest part of the abyss to be societies slave. However not all is lost, our wings can never be clipped or taken away. At anytime a person can change their life, all we need is the will to fly.